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This isn't directly related to any episode, but I am curious. Why doesn't Walt have to go back to the island? Actually, better question, where is Walt?

Also, if you reply, it would be awesome if you used a Hurley hot pocket icon I could snag.

Zero Point

So, I found something very interesting over at Dark UfO, it has probably brought up before, last summer, but it is new to me...anywho I found this Read moreCollapse )

Anyone else watch Doctor Who?

If so and if you have seen this weeks episode in america, "Silence In the Library", let me ask your opinion. Did you hear many music cues taken straight from Lost? At times i felt like i was watching Lost...or maybe I have just become SOOOOO Obsessed with LOST lately that it is everywhere.

And speaking of LOST, season 4 really has made me an obsessive. I have seen many people say they have finally given up on the show after this season and I can't understand that. Anywho...must eat.

Episode on May 1

So Jack's visitor was his father? How was Dr. C Shepard on the Island and back on the main land...especially since he is dead?

Was there a mistake in the timeline? I would have thought that Kate running her Sawyer errand would have been the impetus for Jack to being the drinking and pills. But, didn't we see Jack make a nice screwdriver for himself on the day Hurley was incarcerated?

How does the red head know Korean and what is she in the group? We know that Leung can hear and see ghosts, Farraday is the physicist and Jeff Fahey is the crazy pilot...what does the red head do?

I forgot from last week, did Sawyer et al leave the compund to go back to the beach or were they told to run to the forest or was it that Ben et al just went another way? Did they see Ben's daughter get killed?

That is all I have...

What about you?

Ji Yeoun

Alright, alright...what did you think about the flash forward/flash back combination?!

For those of you who said that I was crazy and the Jin must make it off the island and be the 6th of the Oceanic 6...well, I don't have to say it.

I am thinking that Jack's illness might be the same that Desmond had. Does Jack have a constant? Could that be his ex-wife?

Michael being he spy did not seem to be as big a shocker as one might expect. Question...is Walt really on the island or a messenger like the psych was for Juliet? What kind of man is Ben really? How does he have the resources to set something like that up from the island?

How is it that the submarine could navigate back and forth?

So...who is the 6th? Juliet?

How did Hurley get out of the hospital to visit Sun in Korea?

Let me know your thoughts and questions...

Until later.

The Other Woman...

It has been a LONG time since I have seen any postings here...

My wife totally called it when she said that the really evil dude was Charles Widemore. I wasn't sure who it was until the big reveal.

Some questions...like always...

When Harper says to Juliet, "You look just like her"...Who is her?

Ben never did tell us his man on the boat. My guess is that is it Desmond. Your theories?

How much of a kick in the pants was it for Hurley and Sawyer to see Ben strolling through the Other's Village? What face will we see again that we do not expect to see? Ana Lucia? No, I think she is dead, dead. Libby? Michael? (He would be my top guess...)

Was Harper actually dead or just with the rest of the others on the island somewhere? Where are the rest of the others?

Who are the last 2 of the Oceanic 6? I have to imagine that Sun is one of them but not her husband...Will the last be Juliet?

And, of course, how can we forget my favorite question...what about the 4 toed statue?

Until later...


Why does everyone loathe Jack? I just finished watching seasons 1-3 over again with my coworker in a marathon 3 weeks and she hates himm too, just like my mom and sister. My wife and I actually like Jack. He can be a pompous ass but come on, he is trying his best to be a leader, how can you fault the guy for that?
Buena Vista is riding a wave of pro-Lost sentiment – they just announced the show will stay on the air until 2010 – and we’ve received word that Lost: Season Three is coming our way very soon. We don’t know anything about tech specs, bonuses or SRPs at this point, but look for it to hit stores sometime later this summer…

from DVDfile.com

tvshowsondvd.com and amazon say December 11th,2007. Who knows? I want it now though.

Obit from finale

Now with image-y goodness!

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I would say that with this season finale Lost should get all of its viewers back.

I know that it has been a while...so here we go...

Old question...what about the statue with the 4 toes?!

New questions...

Who is Dead? (My money is on Michael)

Who was Naomi working for?

Did Jack really lead them off of Paradise and now he regrets it?!

Who is Jacob?

Some others...

How did the guy who Desmond replaced get to the Island and start with the button?
Why was Dharma really there?
How did the others get to the Island?
What is Ben really hiding?

I was a little surprized that the code to shut off the yellow lite was not the Numbers.

What will season 4 hold? When will it start?

Your thoughts...