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Why does everyone loathe Jack? I just finished watching seasons 1-3 over again with my coworker in a marathon 3 weeks and she hates himm too, just like my mom and sister. My wife and I actually like Jack. He can be a pompous ass but come on, he is trying his best to be a leader, how can you fault the guy for that?


Jun. 22nd, 2007 05:23 am (UTC)
Damn. I had this whole thing written out but I accidently hit delete on it.

So lets try to organize my thoughts again.

I don't really understand what your saying about the sub and Michael and Ben. As far as I understood it, there were probably only a few boats that the Others had. The dingey that they let Michael leave on, the sub and the newly acquired boat belonging to the late Libby who loaned it to Des for his race around the world.

Shortly after the Hatch blows up, Ben gives Michael a bearing and says that if he follows it, he'll find rescue but he won't be able to come back. He never really specified if Michael couldn't come back because he wouldn't be able to FIND the island or because of what he's done. Both things were probably mentioned, but who knows which one is the truth. Personally, I bet the island isnt THAT hard to find, but Ben wants everyone to think it is so they'll think twice about leaving it. No one on the island now, apart from Juliet really has anything waiting for them on the mainlands.

Anyways, he gives Michael a bearing. Which he should be able to follow via compass even if the EMP (if thats even what it was) fried the navigating systems on the boat. Then, the only thing left is the sub and Des's boat. Who knows what they even did with Des's boat, if it still exists. So really, we can only assume that the sub is their only form of water transportation aside from canoes and the like. So, if the sub is their only form of water transportation, then theoretically its the only way to get back and forth from mainlands to the island. Ben cons Locke into blowing it up. Boom. No way to the mainlands ANYMORE. But there WAS a way before, only...Ben gave it to Michael.

And as far as we know, Ben keeps his word. Juliets sister is still alive, though whether or not she even HAD cancer to begin with is still a mystery to me. I wonder if he was just conning Juliet to gain her trust.

Anyways, my point is, I think its very possible that Michael was able to get off the island for good and go back home. However, the way the show works, its very possible he was tricked. Though, sometimes I like to have a little faith in Ben. He's our favorite guy to hate (apart from Jack apparently, who I don't hate but whatever. Everyone else does)

But yeah. Michael was boring and annoying. I don't know about you, but I spend my whole day listening to people bitch and moan and whine. When I'm doing something recreational like watch TV I don't want to hear it all over again. No thanks. Acting was good. Character was baaaaaad.
Jun. 22nd, 2007 05:26 am (UTC)
And when I talk about Juliets sister. I meant to say "though whether or not she even HAD cancer a SECOND time is still a mystery" because I know she had it at least once. My mistake. Its 1:30 am here.


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