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Episode on May 1

So Jack's visitor was his father? How was Dr. C Shepard on the Island and back on the main land...especially since he is dead?

Was there a mistake in the timeline? I would have thought that Kate running her Sawyer errand would have been the impetus for Jack to being the drinking and pills. But, didn't we see Jack make a nice screwdriver for himself on the day Hurley was incarcerated?

How does the red head know Korean and what is she in the group? We know that Leung can hear and see ghosts, Farraday is the physicist and Jeff Fahey is the crazy pilot...what does the red head do?

I forgot from last week, did Sawyer et al leave the compund to go back to the beach or were they told to run to the forest or was it that Ben et al just went another way? Did they see Ben's daughter get killed?

That is all I have...

What about you?


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May. 3rd, 2008 12:49 am (UTC)
Well. To answer your first question, I'll pose another question. How is Charlie visiting Hurley when he's also dead and on the island? My guess is that the island is giving Jack and Hurley, and probably eventually all of the other Oceanic 6, visions to bring them back to the island.

I have no idea how Charlotte knows Korean, but it was my understanding that she was an archeologist from the episode about the people from the boat.

Also, I think that the errand that Kate ran for Sawyer had to do with Sawyers daughter Clementine, since Kate is friends with Cassidy.
May. 3rd, 2008 09:17 pm (UTC)
This episode was to connect the level-headed Jack from before to the drunken mess we saw end of last season. He was slowly losing it, and now what Hurley said to him and Kate running errands without telling him, he is starting the drug/drunken stupor.

Charlotte also spoke French when we first met her digging in Tunisia (I think it was tunisia) so maybe she just has a lot of knowledge of languages?

The compounds were headed to Jacob, Sawyer said "screw this" and was taking Claire, Miles, and Hurley back to the beach. Ben/Locke wouldn't let Hurley go cause they need him to help find the cabin because he has also seen it. I guess it makes him a special person on the island because he's seen the cabin?
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