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Zero Point

So, I found something very interesting over at Dark UfO, it has probably brought up before, last summer, but it is new to me...anywho I found this

It is in danish. It was posted as a spoiler shortly after last years comiccon. Now, it could be a complete HOAX, or it could be put out there by TPTB as a random clue. The thing I found interesting about it was this part:

"It is very well possible for two different allotments to break the rule of distance, but it should be avoided if possible".

Worthy of noting is that in the second picture, the two rabbits have different numbers. In the Orchid video, both rabbits were number 15. Now the third part of the document. This part of the document actually does make less sense and does seem a bit "broken":

"iv. Where to turn in case of emergency" (Basically a figure of speech, might as well have said "Emergency Protocol.")
"In the case of a dire emergency, you and your group should return to the deserted areas, alternatively, to the zero point. Even though a member in the group is caught outside the Zone perimiter, you yourself should try and radio the target information hub to alert the other team located elsewhere in the experiment zone. Someone in, or around Zone 1 should presumably be dead, and your group should awair further orders."

Could that be a clue? Is that why they all need to go back, to point zero point? I don't know, but I found it interesting.


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