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Episode tonight...

Things are getting good here! Really a good episode, if I do say so...

A couple things...

I thought that the fence was supposed to kill eyepatch guy...did anyone else catch him breathing as Locke and Kate leaned over him?

Does anyone remember the episode where it was established when Jack's (and now Claire's) father was in Australia and died...wasn't there some scene where it was raining and Jack's dad was standing outside of a house screaming to let him see the kids (or something to that effect)? I am thinking now that this was Claire's mom's house...can anyone confirm this for me?

What is up with this list?! I want to know more...

And, as always, I want to know what the hell is up with the 4 toed statue...

Mar. 8th, 2007

When mrs klugh and the other dude were shouting at each other in last nights episode, does anyone know what they were actually saying?

Enter 77

WOW! That was the kind of episode I hav ebeen waiting for. The kind where you get alot of information but you really know not much new...but you can see how you will get information in the future.

Did Eyepatch really want Locke to win the chess game? Is Sayid going to kill Locke for his computer blunder? I know that Sayid doesn't want to be creul anymore, but he needs to kill Eyepatch...

What are your thoughts...

Also...if you go to spoilerfix.com you can see what the BIG secret is about 2 of the LOSTEES. I read it and really didn't care all that much...
While I was glad to get some more insight into Hurley's life, his lotto winnings, his Dad being Cheech Marin...did anyone else think that this episode sucked?!

Why was it such a big surprize that Alex was Rousseau's daughter? Didn't EVERYONE know this for a long time now?

AND STILL...What the hell was up with the big statue of a foot with only 4 toes?


Here is a pretty good spoiler about the overall show. Id put it behind an LJ cut... but then remembered that the name of this community is Lost Tv SPOILER.

Here it is:

Expect to see the repercussions of Ben's spinal surgery. "There is a period of not being at full power, and in any hierarchical organization, that is a period of danger," says Emerson. "That leaves a vacuum at the top, and other people may try to swoop in and occupy it." Carlton Cuse: We put a pin in the Michael and Walt story for the season, but by no means is it over. It would be very strange for the end of Michael and Walt to just send them off in that boat without any acknowledgment of what has happened. But if you look at the bigger picture of Lost, there's a circularity to the way that story is going to unfold in the overall mythology, and that is a long, planned approach. Yes, we'll get back to the Michael and Walt story, and it will be really compelling when we do. But that's most likely a year 4 story. Damon Lindelof: [The history of the Others is] definitely unfolding. We will begin to find out how certain members of the Others joined the Others. Episode 7 played as a surprise to some audience members that Juliet was not born on the island — she came off the island and was recruited by the Others. So some of them were born there and some of them were recruited, but what they are there to do will be revealed before who put them there and why. Cuse: Given everything else we have to tell, [Libby’s story] is going to be a mystery that's going to have to get answered in year 4. Lindelof: There's really one significant missing piece to Libby's story. We saw in the season finale last year that she met with Desmond, she gave him his boat, and we know that her husband died — and then we know that subsequent to that, she spent some time in a mental institution, the same one as Hurley. The question the audience wants answered is, How did she get from A to B — from Desmond to the mental institution? We know the answer to that question, but the only way to tell that story is through another character's flashback, and that character would have to be another character on the show who is not among the beach dwellers. Source: Entertainment Weekly

Feb. 7th, 2007

i still don't know what to think about tonight's new episode.
did it really answer any questions or did it just create a few more?
i guess i'll continue pondering that...

anyways, i was thinking about alex, "ben's daughter".

1) it can't be his daughter because i'm pretty sure she's the french lady's daughter.
i remember from another season, she said that her daughter's name was alex
and she was taken away when she was just a baby. the age range is also the same.

2) it could be his daughter, but that would mean that the french lady and ben know each other.
if they really do know each other, then when she captured him in the net, it was a setup.

other than that, i like that they're finally showing a psychological point of view
(when carl was found in room 23 with the crazy video and music).
i'm starting to think that the 2 islands have nothing to do with each other;
one is psychological testing and the other is scientific.

please share some of your thoughts.
my boyfriend gave up on the show, so i have no one to talk with!
My boyfriend found this random link one day, and as soon as he clicked it we were both pretty interested. When he went back to show me the link, it had disappeared. Took us forever to find the right site again, but here it is. It has to do with the show, and some game they are developing...I dunno. It's kind of neat? I thought other fans might be interested, so....


I'm new to this community, so, if this is something I shouldn't do, I apologize ahead of time!

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Fall Season Finale

I had to watch the episode last night. All I can say is WOW!

Now for the questions and comments...

From 2 weeks ago, it is a shame that Eko is dead. I thought that I saw the smoke monster early in the episode and I guess that I was right.

As for this past episode...

This is the biologist in me but how is it that Jack is operating on a C4 spinal tumor and he is able to cut the kidney sac during the surgery? C4 is in the neck and the kidneys are MUCH lower on the body. There is no way that incision that Jack made would be by the Kidneys.

I am assuming that Jack doesn't care if he lives or dies and he just wants Kate to get away. Why wouldn't she say that they are on the Alcatraz and not their island? Also, does Kate really love Jack or Sawyer? And...did Kate/Monica cash in the Costa Rica tickets to get to Australia?

I can't believe that we have to wait until Feb. 7 until a new episode. I think that is TOO long.

What are your thoughts on the episode/fall season...We were supposed to get answers and we just got more questions...guess that is why we like the show so much.

Episode last night

Since it was last night, I am not going to do a LJ cut. If you have not seen it yet...STOP READING HERE... Let me know if this is not proper protocol...

I thought last night's episode was VERY good.

We see that Desmond now has ESP. With the "cross-over" previously mentioned with NBC's Heroes, does that mean that Desmond will eventually be able to bend time back and prevent the hatch from blowing up?

Charlie is very insecure with Claire and the baby. Just because Des was talking to her did not have to be threatening. The lightning rod was a cool trick though...Also, is the baby a boy or a girl, I thought it was a boy, but could have sworn that Des called the baby "her".

The whole Saywer flashback was neat, it was reminiscent of "The Con" episode where Sawyer was pulling another double con, but it was nice to see a softer side. Must have hurt when Freckles told him she only said those 3 little words to stop Sawyer from being beaten. I was thinking at the time that it was the only thing she could say...

What a mind F&*K that Ben gave to Sawyer. So, does he really have a pacemaker or not? Ben said that he just introduced doubt into his head. It doesn't meant that they did not put in the pacemaker from hell.

Did I get it right that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are on a completely different Island now?

Jack is getting pretty calloused with the blonde chick. Good for him. He should try and save a life and all but damn her and her feelings. It was a nice pick up with the spinal tumor...did we finally get a reason why Jack is there?

Who was the guy with the golf clubs? Is that one of the newer survivors that we will get to know?

That is all for now...let me know what you think....